April 23, 2019

KandyPack Hydration Pack Guide

This is the ultimate guide for any entry level or experienced music festival goers.  A KandyPack hydration pack is a must have for any music festival.  Before you purchase one you need to know that we provide high quality products at very affordable prices.  It is extremely important to stay hydrated and always have water ready at any time.  With the KandyPack hydration backpack you could look cool and stylish while having up to 2.0L of water right on your backside.  Our hydration backpack includes a removable 2.0L BPA free antimicrobial bladder.  Our backpacks measure 16x9x2.5 inches and are padded backside for comfort.

Now you’re thinking a hydration pack is not an absolute necessity; a backpack with a water bottle works the same.  It’s not too much work taking off your backpack and pulling out the water bottle, but there is something about having a source of water conveniently on your shoulder that you can drink at any time just makes your festival experience 100 times better.  The convenience helps encourage you to drink more water which keeps you cool and safe.

Stay safe, drink up, & always have fun! :)


<3 KandyPack Team