April 23, 2019

We have the perfect popsiclesaur collection for you!  You could pair our popsiclesaurt-shirt with any pants or shorts.  Our t-shirts are 100% polyester which has a “cotton feel”.  Make sure you add one of our raving bandanas to your shopping cart.  Bandanas are one of the best ways to complement your outfit easily and also help protect your face from the sun and also blocks out any dust.  One size fit all!  Don’t forget the most important essential for every musical event, a KandyPack hydration backpack!  Here is a KandyPack Hydration Pack Guidefor you.  Now you are looking extremely cool and most importantly you are comfortable.  Want to try something new and extra?  Check out the KandyPack hooded blankets.  These are the newest and hottest items of 2019.  It always super uncomfortable and cold walking out of the music event.  Pull out of these KandyPack Hooded Blankets and you will be warm and also look extremely baddass.


Be youself, be safe, & always have fun! :)


<3 KandyPack Team